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Healy Analyse app, How to install Healy Analyse?

How to install Healy Analyse?

If you have Healy Resonance or higher versions of Healy, you can download the Healy Analyze app.

How can we install Healy resonance? It’s very easy, just follow the steps below so you can enjoy the therapies you need.

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Healy Resonance

Does Healy have integrated Chakras?

Healy allows you to control the vital energy that flows through your body area. Thanks to the Chakras module, the energies flow and are distributed to different areas to maintain the balance correctly.

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Personal Coach

Personal Coach in your life

Healy has a module to train oneself quickly and easily, helping us to have emotional, mental, and personal growth, and the advantage is that we can also help others to improve their lives, being able to analyze the internal processes, showing the aspirations that you have as human beings.

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Healy banner

Start with Healy

Healy is a portable device that uses various programs to deliver frequencies and microcurrents to promote your health, vitality, and g help you when you need it most.

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Mag Healy
Mag Healy

Benefits of Mag Healy

The Mag healy, is an impressive device that works separately from the healy, it does not replace the healy, rather it works so that they can work in a union, being so the Mag healy is totally different.

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