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The new bioenergetic revolution

Healy World has been striving to give us a better product for our benefit, that is why the creators of the Healy device have revolutionized it in an impressive way. Giving us the MagHealy.

Price: $ 2,990.00 dollars

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What's new from MagHealy!

Is there a difference between Healy and MagHealy?

Yes, while many of us are already familiar with the healy device that targets the bioenergy field of the person himself using a pulsating magnetic field intended to harmonize your surroundings, the MagHealy will act as a complement to provide us with a dual health solution. Creating powerful energy with interpretation at the frequencies themselves, the MagHealy gives you the energy you need.

Mag Healy

What modules does the MagHealy handle?

MagHealy has a wide variety of modules

Mag Healy
Mag Healy atmosphere

You just have to put the MagHealy on your work table, to benefit the environment and produce a harmonious energy.

Mag Healy water

Remember that drinking water every day is important to have a positive well-being and now MagHealy also wants to enter the environment.

Mag Healy

Is it advisable to consume MagHealy?

Yes, the advantage of MagHealy is that it is in harmony with animals and plants, it is a wireless, intelligent device, easy to carry when traveling, thanks to the MagHealy application it will manage your well-being.

Carolyn McMakin is an American doctor of chiropractor, teacher, researcher and pioneer of dual interference frequencies and was one of the developers of MagHealy.

  • One device, four innovations.

  • MagHealy offers four unique and powerful modules: Classic, Water, Atmosphere and McMakin.

  • If our puppies or pets suffer from any anxiety or sadness, MagHealy can help them.

  • Increases productivity, creation and imagination.

“The Future of medicine will be the medicine of frequencies”

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Benefits of MagHealy

The MagHealy, is an impressive device that works separately from the healy, it does not replace the healy, rather it works so that they can work in a union, being so the MagHealy is totally different.

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