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Healy Coil

Why use Healy Coil?

First we are going to talk about the use of Healy with the cables, well, the cables perform their function very well when passing micro-current and it is the best way to provide us with therapy and it is the best option to be without much movement or being in sitting, however, when you are carrying out activities with greater movement of daily life, the use of cables can be somewhat annoying.

The Healy Coil can be used for any occasion that is required, for example:

  • Athletes can use it without the need to hide the cable or fear that it will get tangled, even in the gym.

  • At the time of cooking, do not have to stress about something that gets in the way.

  • When working you can carry it between your clothes, shirt, or you can put it on the desk.

  • When doing homework, drawing or writing can be very relaxing and easy to use at the same time.

Healy Coil

(Healy Coil gives you the ease of doing what you love most while receiving your therapy)

What is the difference between using the cables and using the Healy Coil?

The bracelets and electrodes are used through the cable with the intention of providing micro-frequency directly to the physical body, specifically to the cells, allowing us to use the pink App while the Healy Coil can bring your hands free of movement.

Healy Coil

Based on Tesla’s scalar wave technology

Even though we already have excellent holistic medicine technology, Healy continues to impress us with its unique innovations around the world.

The new Healy Coil revolutionizes the use of Healy, where we can now provide frequencies without using cables.

We already know that Healy is portable, and you can take it anywhere, although sometimes bringing cables can interfere with your daily activities.

Now with the new Healy Coil it allows you to provide frequencies and do any activity including sports.

The Healy Coil is another Healy complement to make our lives easier, although it does not totally replace cables, it is a different methodology or way of providing individualized microcurrent frequencies (IMF).

Nikola Tesla is considered as the father of scalar electromagnetism.

How does it work?

Zero Field Frequencies (ZFF)

The genius inventor and physicist Nikola Tesla (known among other things for his invention of the alternating or alternating current system) devoted much of this creativity and time to experiments showing that, under perfect resonance, wireless transmission without energy losses e information over long distances is possible.

The American quantum physicist and philosopher David Bohm predicted such an effect in 1959, and it was experimentally tested shortly thereafter. This so-called Aharonov-Bohm effect was designated as one of the Seven Wonders of the Quantum World by New Scientist magazine.

healy Coil

These free field waves, which can also be called “Zero Field Frequencies” (ZFF), originate from two opposing magnetic fields that cancel each other, and the potential of the magnetic vector (Aharanov-Bohm effect) remains unchanged. Therefore, ZFF can resonate with biological organisms without the transmission of physical energy.

How does Healy work?

In this way, frequencies can be transmitted without the need for cables. The pure information is vibrating.

Similarly, (in our opinion and hypothesis, without a verified direct connection to the Tesla and Bohm research as described above), the Healy coil was designed to exert free field effects in the bioenergetic field.

In the image we can see the 2 ways Healy works, the first is through frequencies for the bioenergetic field (information field) and the second is through micro-current with frequencies at the cellular level (material field).

On the sides of the image, we can also note the method of applying the frequency in the information and material field, which is through the use of the cables, the Healy coil and the resonance version.

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Healy Coil

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