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Healy Personal Coach & Success Coach

Holistic Coaching

Healy new successful personal trainer!

Coaching and information field analysis

Healy Coaching is the newest thing at Healy.

A holistic coach in the palm of your hands!

  • New modules that support your development

  • Coaching for everyone at any time

  • Learn to overcome challenges

  • Bringing clarity and new perspectives

  • Based on information field research by German researcher Marcus Schmieke

  • Based on years of coaching experiences in the development and application of TimeWaver

  • Building on the scientists' findings of David Bohm and Anton Zeilinger

  • All our mental and emotional problems are stored in a global information field, from which they can be retrieved

  • Thousands of successfully applied coaching databases for analysis and optimization

  • Healy uses the principle of quantum entanglement to communicate with the information field, identifying problems important to you at a given moment, in order to harmonize them

  • Find unconscious patterns, mental blocks and hidden content

  • Support awakening self-awareness in 6 / 10 categories in your life

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Healy Personal Coach & Success Coach. Holistic Coaching

Holistic Coaching to the Next Level!

Most of the solutions in life are within you

  • Learn to overcome challenges

  • Get things moving when you're stuck

  • Recognize the blind spots of your perception

  • Discover blocking aspects of your personality that you do not know

  • See things more clearly

  • Make decisions and initiate changes

  • It allows you to analyze internal processes and relationships with other people

Personal Coach

A module to train yourself quickly and easily

Personal development development

Price: $ 282.50 dollars

+ Tax


Success Coach

6 areas of Personal Coach include

Applications particularly relevant to working life

Successful development development

Price: $ 404.00 dollars

+ Tax

Professional training


Extensive training videos with many examples & tips for interpretation in your Healy Academy

How does it work?

  • 1. Find a category where you want to improve your life
  • 2. Formulate a gold-oriented focus for you or your client
  • 3. Chose related databases form a huge pool
  • 4. Healy communicates via quantum sensor with the information field
  • 5. Interpret the result list according to the focus and the current life situation
  • 6. Find mental and emotional unconscous issues stored in the information field
  • 7. Harmonize found issues with your healy

Healy always on the lead with the must advance technology and amazing scientific research

All to improve your self!


This Module is designed to support positive approaches to daily life situations through self-understanding. The terms used in the databases and modules are intented to exert a positive mental influence comparable to affirmations, positive thinking, or auto-suggestion, are designed to help users and clients visualize their clear personal goals, and are to be understood as a reference book similar to an enciclopedia. They do not constitute statements concerning effects.

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Healy Personal Coach & Success Coach

Personal Coach

Personal Coach in your life

Healy has a module to train oneself quickly and easily, helping us to have emotional, mental, and personal growth, and the advantage is that we can also help others to improve their lives, being able to analyze the internal processes, showing the aspirations that you have as human beings.

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