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Healy History

Who is behind Healy?

After years of research and testing, they simplified a way for every human being who wishes to reach a deeper level. Based on principles of Nicholas Tesla, Einstein, and other great scientists, Healy was developed.

From the developers of quantum physics TimeWaver, Healy was born facing the exciting challenge of bringing this complex technology into a compact and easy to use format.


Healy World wants all people to be able to live holistically healthy lives. To this end we focus on frequencies, exercise and nutrition.

Marcus Schmieke

Founder and inventor of TimeWaver and Healy

marcus schmieke

Who really is Marcus Schmieke ?

After studying physics, he decided to know the depths of his own consciousness.

He asked himself questions like:

So he set out on a new path as a professor at a University in India and spent time in monasteries as a monk to gain insight into the deeper spiritual view and to understand more about consciousness.

Within his studies of quantum physics, he found that something was missing, Albert Einstein mentioned “Nothing happens by chance.” So it took him more than 2 years to understand the meaning of how the fifth and sixth dimensions interact with the energy field of a human being.

In these dimensions it is where you can heal traumas, fears and emotions. A human being does it through meditation, practice, effort and therapies to reach these frequencies and with the intention of cleaning negative energies causing blockages in our ability to create the correct frequency.

Marcus Schmieke realized that you have to go beyond time to be able to access the information of these 2 dimensions and the only possible way is through vibrations. In the field of physics they are called quantum vibrations.

The result of these vibrations is the generation of energy to create reality. So through consciousness we can influence energy.

Marcus Schmieke begins the search for how to integrate spiritual concepts with current science, for this reason Marcus Schmieke creates the company Time waver, to communicate beyond time through frequencies and waves.


Sometime later, a way was found to transfer this technology in a compact format and more accessible to people's pockets. From this idea, Healy was born.


Healy manages to make a quantum sensor that has access to vibrations of these dimensions and then matches individually with each person. With Healy, we access this multi-dimensional information.

Christian Halper

Executive Health and Wellness Committee


Development Center at Kränzlin Castle

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