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Healy Device

Healy device is a holistic care device (holistic medicine) that uses resonance sensor and frequency technology to improve well-being.

The Healy frequency device is designed to address holistic health and well-being.

An easy and simple way to provide frequencies for well-being.

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You can start your business with Healy

Healy analyzes and sends the frequencies that your body needs most


Specific frequencies in the body that are causing bioenergetic imbalance.



Specific frequencies back into the body to return the body to bioenergetic balance.

What is a Healy?

Healy machine is a portable device with frequency technology to support balancing and harmonizing the physical, mental and emotional body through low frequency electrical stimulation.

The Healy device is a device that, based on the discoveries of quantum physics, is capable of measuring and analyzing the vibrations of our body, that is, it can identify which frequencies are causing the imbalance in our body.

Quantum medicine is based on the idea that all living organisms have a quantum or bioenergetic field that can be manipulated to promote health.

The Healy device aims to interact with this bioenergetic field.

It employs particular microfrequency currents to target specific areas of the body, mind and influence your emotional state.

Quantum medicine can be a fundamental complementary tool in the healing process.

Healy device has specific programs to address a wide range of health problems, from stress and anxiety to chronic pain and depression.

Healy Frequencies for your well-being and health

Easy to use for your entire family and patients, including pets

What is Healy to you?

We asked 200 people what Healy means in one word and this is what they said:

Healy, healy device, healy frequency device, healy machine, healy frequency, what is a healy, healy programs, healy frequencies, holistic medicin, quantum medicine

What kind of people is Healy for?

Healy device for your family, patients, pets, projects, business, finances, etc.

Holistic Professional

High performance

Household People


Holistic medicine enthusiasts

In search of business opportunities

500,000 families already use Healy in 2023, the only thing missing is you

And what can Healy do?

Healy device for Holistic Medicine

Healy has more than 230 programs ready to use.

Each Healy program contains from 10 to 500 different frequencies.

Healy has more than 9 million frequencies.

Healy has 30 analyzes available to use in a matter of seconds and in real time.

Healy helps for pain, migraine, insomnia, depression, skin, organs, etc.

You can record vibrations of essential oils, supplements, vitamins, plants, minerals, quartz, etc.

Healy provides frequencies to people, animals, plants, spaces (land, houses, buildings), vehicles, organizations, groups, businesses, etc.

Healy already has recorded frequencies of various alternative medicine methodologies such as Bach flowers among others.

Healy Editions

Healy device, Holistic Medicine programs

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Healy Gold

* Programs Pain and Pain Locally are included in Stimulation

Healy Holistic

Healy Gold

Healy Resonance

Healy Holistic

Healy Gold

Healy Resonance PLUS

Healy Resonance

Healy Holistic

Healy Gold

Healy Professional

Healy Resonance PLUS

Healy Resonance

Healy Holistic

Healy Gold


Healy Certifications

Healy is a wellness device that has passed numerous tests and inspections.

About the Healy Community

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