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Is Healy a tool that channels energy?

There are multiple treatments that, according to different traditions, help to channel energy. When energy is blocked or condensed in the human body, disease occurs. Traditional methods such as acupuncture and reiki allow the knot to be dissolved and help the energy flow correctly, restoring the lost balance.

Healy, on the other hand, is a technology that has the same objective, having the Chakras as a module that will help you to make the energy flow through its indications.

How does Healy help us with energy?

Healy allows you to control the vital energy that flows through your body area. Thanks to the Chakras module, the energies flow and are distributed to different areas to maintain the balance correctly.

In this way, there are seven centers or chakras that are aligned from the base of the spine to the crown and are related to the physical, mental and spiritual body.

The balance of the 7 Chakras are:


(The Chakras channel the energy of our inner being)

Where do I find the Chakras module?

Directly, from the pink application, using the analysis of the Healy Resonance Chakras, then a summary of the energy that you must channel and tells you the programs that you must use in the Healy.

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