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Healy programs of the Bioenergetic Defense module

healy usa holistic health plus protection, bioenergetic balance

How to interpret the Healy protection module?

The program is like an energy shield that helps you cleanse negative influences and bad energies, protects bioenergetics breakdowns and is interpreted as follows:

General Protection

This program helps you to have an Energy Shield. It is a protection against masses,

This program is run when you are on vacation, at big events, festivals, or where a lot of people are going to be.

It tends to focus on shielding the solar plexus (third chakra).

This is the main point in the energy field where your energy can be drained.


Provides energetic harmonization of electrosmog tolerance and electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).

Electrosmog can cause headaches, skin problems, fatigue, tiredness, or concentration problems.

The program harmonizes the frequencies emitted by electronic devices such as Wi-Fi, cell phones, 4G and 5G signal towers, monitors, etc.

Help combat those negative frequencies with higher frequencies to create a level playing field in your etheric field.

Cell Protection

It provides energy harmonization of the bioenergetic field of the cell, we must take into account that we have 50 trillion cells in our body.

This program works specifically in your cell to create harmony and protection from free radicals, radiation, toxic overload and helps the cell to thrive.

This program protects the cell membrane and allows the assimilation of nutrients.

The bad energies with Healy
The bad energies with Healy

(Having an energy shield will give you clarity in your mind)

Mental Clarity Protection

This program helps to have mental clarity, regulate emotions, see situations from another point of view and stay calm.

Recommended for the beginning of the week, with the intention of getting out of the mode you may be in and gaining mental clarity.

Sleep Protection

The program protects you while you sleep.

Help if you’re having nightmares.

Helps in the transition from one state of consciousness to another while sleeping. Our energy may be less protected in sleep time.

Geopathic Protection

Geopathy has to do with the energy lines that generate electromagnetic radiation, which when exposed for a long time can affect health.

The program will give you an energy shield that will help you maintain balance in the face of these events, such as earthquakes, water currents under the house, geopathic interference zones.

Subtle Protection

It is recommended to use after an argument or situation that was not resolved.

Helps against energetic works such as witchcraft, evil eye, moorings, sorcery, even envy.

The bad energies with Healy
The bad energies with Healy

(Arguments as a couple can be a sign of bad energy)

Planet Protection

Protection against planetary influences such as retrograde changes, cosmic energy, astrological events.

This program can be run during solar events.

The earth like other planets have their own vibration and can influence the cells of our body.

Where can I find this program?

Through the pink app, using Healy Professional.

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