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How does MagHealy work?

MagHealy it is being built for two reasons, the first is that around the device there is a button that indicates when it is off and/or on, the lights that are around it show if it is on, although we can also use them without the lights, the MagHealy is wireless and the only thing it will contain are the cables to charge it.

The MagHealy can be connected to the cell phone to work with synchronization, in addition to having the function of being on for 4 hours, and its distance range can be 3 meters.

The healy and the MagHealy work differently, but they can be synchronized and thus have a benefit with the programs, neither replaces the other, on the contrary, they were built to be able to complement or separate.

Another thing that also makes them different is that…

The big difference between the Healy and the MagHealy is that in the healy we always ask that when using it they drink a glass of water and be hydrated, but when you start using the MagHealy it is no longer like that, rather now we ask that they use it while they hydrate so that they have a better balance since, with the module they have, the frequencies that help us improve are activated.

Another thing that also makes them different is that…

The MagHealy sends magnetic field pulsations and in the healy it puts an electromagnetic field Coi which is a magnetic type field and the MagHealy is different since it works with two same frequencies that were worked by Dr. Carolyn McMakin

Mag Healy atmosphere

The MagHealy is made up of 4 modules

The Classic Application, Atmosphere Application, Water Application, and the McMakin Application, the last one is designed by Dr. Carolyn McMakin.

Mag Healy

Classic application:

It has the sequences for regeneration, for relaxation and to harmonize your environment, the different programs, such as positive mode, sleep, balance and it has many advantages and benefits that will help us.

Atmospheric Application:

It is a benefit because you have the opportunity to put it in a room, at a distance of 3 meters, and it will not only improve your well-being, but it will also improve the people around you.

One recommendation that is made is that if you take it to the office you can help everyone to balance harmony, you will put them in a good mood, and their production capacity will increase.

Water application:

It is designed to inform, energize and activate drinking water, which is why it is highly recommended so that bioenergies can enter more into the zone of tranquility and harmonize both your operating system and the body itself.

Even the Doc. Steve, a product expert, commented that:

“One of the programs that I use the most is the sleep program because it helps me a lot, many times I have had to work with people from Europe and Asia and I get up at 5 am, he used the MagHealy in the atmospheric application modality and I feel like I slept 8 hours, my energy is on the verge, one of the most impressive things is that one night I didn’t use it, and I got up at 5 am and couldn’t, I felt very tired, I was impressed by the result”.

Mag Healy water

McMakin Application

Two frequencies, one is A where it treats the body’s organs and the other is B where it treats the body’s tissues so that they can better carry serotonin from the entire body and heal faster.

An example is that in frequency A, if you have a tendon problem in the shoulder, with the healy you would have to apply 40 hertz to remove the inflammation and the 160 hearts to make the tendons improve, the advantage of the MagHealy is that we do not have to know what frequencies to apply because automatically with the tendon program it will help us.

In the MagHealy studies, two groups were made one used the Healy and the other half used the MagHealy, and in the blue bar that shows said product helped to improve the quality of sleep that using the healy.


The MagHealy gives us the creativity of art, it helps us a lot, it focuses us on the best that has happened. Exercise helps you do your best effort without being so tired.

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