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Holistic medicine

How does it work?

At some point, you may have heard about holistic medicine, in a comment or some advertisement. Well, if you have arrived here, we will assure you that now you will understand in detail what is all about holistic medicine and even dare to try it. The first thing is to know specifically … What is it?


What is Holistic Medicine?

It is a type of medicine where it is established that a person suffers from diseases due to environmental, social, physical, spiritual or emotional imbalances.

However, those who commonly make use of allopathic practices do not always fully understand this type of medicine.

However, we can point out that the difference is simple, since it is a practice that does not seek to cure some type of specific disease, but rather focuses on healing the body, soul and mind of a person in an integral way.

To achieve this, a series of therapies are implemented, better known as alternative therapies, although some of the conventional therapies may also be used.

The doctor plays the role of mentor, since he is the one in charge of guiding the patient in order to provide treatment for the prevention of diseases that attack our body.

Holistic Medicine History

To begin this part we can point out that holistic medicine as we know it today, has its origin related to three cultures, which come from China, India and Greece.

It is well known that Chinese medicine dates back more than 4000 years ago, for this culture, health was seen as a state of balance between the following aspects:

All this was expanded to eventually include practices such as; herbal medicine, massage and acupuncture.

Then we have the case of Indian medicine, which is similar to the case of China, but with a difference in relation to the applied methods. We could see how some of the Chinese doctors were aware that certain ills that people presented came to be caused by magic or spirits.

On the other hand, the Indians presented a concept of a more earthly nature, where it was established that a good state of health can be achieved through the adequate regulation of all aspects that surround people’s lives.

However, it should be noted that the first book that showed the world traditional medicine from India was developed by the Greeks. We can see even as great philosophers like; Plato, Socrates and Aristotle, came to write speeches in which they made mention in relation to medicine or holistic healing.

Hippocrates, who is considered the founder of modern medicine, pointed out that the diseases that a person could present were nothing more than the result of an imbalance of what was known at that time as the four humors of the body, which are; blood, phlegm, black bile, and yellow bile.

For this, a treatment was needed that could restore the lost balance between such body fluids, and that would contribute to the body being able to heal itself.

For this, a treatment was needed that could restore the lost balance between such body fluids, and that would contribute to the body being able to heal itself.

Once conventional medicine emerges, a large part of the holistic treatments used in ancient times were gradually decreasing its application in the Western world.

On the other hand, in the East these ancient traditions were maintained and even to this day they continue to be the first treatment applied in the presence of diseases.

In the 60s, a time when a process was initiated to come up with new methods that would help to heal the body and mind, it was then that both in America and in Europe, they meet again with the properties of healing through holistic medicine.

Therefore, since then, this practice has become something more common to find on both sides of the Atlantic.

Holistic Medicine Principles

A doctor who practices holistic healing does not have the goal of eliminating the symptoms of a certain disease. Either by prescribing an analgesic to help relieve pain or an antacid to attack gastritis, or perhaps an antibiotic that can kill bacteria.

And, this doctor actually goes further, focuses on looking for the multiple causes that are causing the disease that is attacking the patient.

The advances of official medicine regarding diagnostic equipment and treatments have truly improved the quality of life of many human beings, but diseases are still there, and they continue to increase.

This makes it necessary to return to that concept of an integral human being, so that humanity can regain its health.

For this, holistic medicine is based on a series of principles that together allow achieving the aforementioned.


Therapies used in Holistic Medicine

Alaska Gem Elixir Essences

It involves the application of liquids that contain the enhanced healing vibrations of a gem or mineral. Its main action is to stabilize and balance the energy field, including the aura and the chakras or main energy centers of the body.

The application of these elixirs seeks to catalyze the release of stress and tension, which manage to accumulate in the energy structure of the body.

While these dissonant energies are released, the structure of the body’s energy field returns to its normal alignment, which allows it to be able to regain its natural state of balance, stability and resistance to stress.

The application of the Alaska gem elixir essences allow to experience the healing coming from the mineral kingdom, they are easy to apply and can be used either internally or externally.

Similarly, they can be used alone or in combination with other vibrational remedies. They show a very special effectiveness when used simultaneously with floral scents.

Bach Flowers

Flower therapy is based on the fact that emotional imbalances are the origin of physical and mental illnesses suffered by human beings. Therefore, its application promotes the application of a treatment capable of harmonizing them, reducing the intensity of mood ailments such as hatred. In addition, it allows the development of the opposite quality, in this case of the example, tolerance.

In relation to Bach flowers, in 1976 the World Health Organization or WHO recommended the application of alternative medicines, among which they mentioned Bach’s Flower Therapy.

Likewise, in the year 1983 a study was published that was directed to health administrations in relation to traditional medicine and in this study, the recommendation of this therapy is explicitly made.

What is it based on?

In carrying out a selective administration of 38 natural preparations, which are prescribed based on certain symptoms or psycho-emotional patterns that are altered. For example; fear, anxiety, anguish, among others.

The expected effect within this treatment relates to the return of the normality on the psychoanimic dimension in the personality, creating a state of certainty, peace, tranquility and harmony.

Australian Bush Flowers

It is a variant of homeopathy, and it is related to the inorganic compounds that we can find in the cells of the human body. This therapy seeks to stimulate or restore body functions, and also correct those functional disorders present in our body.

The treatment of Australian Bush flowers can be applied to treat osteoarticular problems, it can also be used for cases where there are digestive disorders or organic lesions.

It is also recommended for women during pregnancy and the elderly.

This therapy is not limited to being applied when the person is physically ill, this option can be sought when you want to generate a state of general well-being.

For example, to eliminate nightmares in children and attack fears, it is also very effective to improve concentration, among other applications.

Such therapy directly attacks the problem, resolving internal emotional conflicts so that later physical problems can be healed.

Schüssler Salts

It is a variant of homeopathy, and it is related to the inorganic compounds that we can find in the cells of the human body. This therapy aims to stimulate or restore bodily functions, and correct those functional disorders in our body.

Schüssler salts are mineral salts that can be found in presentation of potentiated homeopathic medicines, they act on a physical level, helping the cells to take advantage of the minerals that are administered through the blood.

In other words, the energy level of these salts stimulate our body to generate better absorption and therefore a healing effect.

In summary, they are not only applied to generate a good state of health in general, they are also applied in the presence of diseases and ailments to achieve an increase in the effect of homeopathic remedies.

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