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Healy in Austria

Quantum medicine device available to everyone in Austria

German medicine in that is revolutionizing the alternative medicine industry.

Simple to provide quantum therapy whenever and wherever you want.

Healy it is a portable device that sends you frequencies you need most.

Healy in Austria

Holistic medicine equipment for all your family, friends, pets, projects, business, etc.

Healy frequencies for your well-being and health

Holistic Medicine in Austria

About Healy
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What is Healy?

Healy is a portable device that use microcurrent frequency (IMF) programs to boost your health, vitality, and well-being.

Holistic lifestyle with Healy.

Healy is new and unique.

What does Healy analyse?

Analyses current frequencies or vibrations and shows you the frequencies you need most in real time.

What does healy send?

When you click on vibrate, it sends you the frequencies you need most to restore balance in our 3 bodies (physical body, mental and soul)

Healy has more than 230 programs ready to provide quantum therapy

Healy helps you harmonize body, mind and soul.

German Medicine in Austria that helps us to be more aware of what happens inside us.

Know why everything is energy and frequency

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

Nikola Tesla

Quantum Medicine in Austria

Healy has 2 ways to deliver therapy and one of them is through a quantum sensor.

This quantum sensor can scan your bioenergetic body through the information field and also functions as a frequency emitter.

Healy Versions

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