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Personal Coach en tu vida img Personal Coach

What is it analyzing?

It allows you to analyze internal processes and relationships with other people, for example in personal development it goes more with:

  • Family relationships

  • Personal relationships

  • Self-esteem

  • Personal actions

  • Emotional balance

  • Social relationships

  • Spirituality

  • Among other.

How does it work?

Healy uses the principle of quantum entanglement to communicate with the information field, identifying the issues that are important to you at any given time, to harmonize them.

And Based on German researcher Marcus Schmieke’s information field research on the findings of scientists such as David Bohm and Anton Zeilinger. All our mental and emotional problems are stored in a global information field, from which they can be retrieved and improved.

Healy Personal Coach & Success Coach. Holistic Coaching

Did you know…

Most solutions in life are within you and you just need support and help to recognize them. Bring them out and use them.

What does Healy Coaching help you with?

  • Develop your own "I" easily and effectively, it will help you grow mentally and emotionally.

  • It works for all the most important areas of your life, such as personal, dreams, and life goals, among others.

  • Support other people in their personal development.

Personal Coach en tu vida img 2 Personal Coach

It contains the most necessary Personal Coach areas:

  • Applications particularly relevant to working life.

  • Holistic coaching with clients.

  • Also suitable for professional training.

  • New modules that support your development.

  • Learn to overcome challenges.

  • Bringing clarity and a new perspective.

What does HealAdvisor Personal Coach and Success Coach do:

You will get to know yourself differently, little by little that anguish of knowing what you want to do and why will end, everything as long as your goals, potential, professional career, finances, everything turns out as you expected and better than ever.

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