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know your body on a deeper level with the Healy Watch

More than just a simple smartwatch

Healy watch. The last generation hardware to take accurate measurements.

These measurements are interpreted thanks to algorithms created by leading experts from different countries.

The Healy watch combined with the Healy device provides deeper feedback for your body and mind.

Designed to complement Healy’s expertise with accurate data and provide recommendations for your health and wellness.

Healy Watch


Healy watch measures your bioenergetic status by analyzing BRA (Bioenergetic Rhythm Analysis), HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and sleep parameters quickly and easily.


The Healy Watch Connector module can analyze measurement data and give you precise frequencies your body needs like relax, reduce stress, support your fitness goals, etc.

Frequency programs

After the result Healy Data base select the most appropriate individualized microcurrent frequency (IMF) programs to support the harmonization of the bioenergetic field.

Healys Watch Features

Device mobile

Healy Watch


Module Healy Watch Connector

Healy Watch

With the Healy Watch Connector module, you can find the right frequency! It provides you with a comprehensive 7-day application plan to support the harmonization of your body’s bioenergetic field every day!

Healy Watch Connector Module Programs

When you purchase the Healy Watch Connector Module, you get 36 additional programs!

Healy Watch programs

Healy watch meridian programs

Healy Watch digital nutrition programs

* This module requires a monthly subscription

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